Malak Saad Minerals

Malak Saad Minerals is a Pakistan-based supplier of Pink Himalayan Salt, premium Quality Talc, and Fireclay.


Malak Saad Minerals, a leading Pakistani entity, offers top-quality minerals sourced, processed, and exported under stringent quality standards. Our skilled team is committed to meeting and exceeding client expectations, making us a reliable partner for your diverse needs.

What we have

Malak Saad Minerals specializes in supplying Himalayan Pink Salt, high-grade talc for various industries, and fireclay for ceramics.

himalayan pink salt

Himalyan Pink Salt

Our Himalayan Pink salt is pure and packed with 84+ essential trace minerals for optimal health.


Global market leaders trust our high-grade talc for diverse industries. Uncompromising quality, unmatched reliability.

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Upgrade your ceramics with our fireclay! Perfect for high heat, ideal for the industry.

Why Malak Saad Minerals

Assured Quality

Superior quality guaranteed with skilled workforce and cutting-edge processing units.


Minimum Lead Time

Timely deliveries and minimized lead time for utmost customer satisfaction.

Private Labeling

Customize your brand with our private labeling service for Himalayan Salt Products.

Our Story

Our journey started with a vision: to offer quality minerals worldwide, promoting transparency and organic living. Today, we’re proud to provide premium products like our renowned Malak Pink Himalayan Salt, rich in 84+ essential minerals.

Our Private Labelling

Maximize your brand’s potential with our personalized private labeling services. We offer brand consultation, custom label design, high-quality product selection, advanced printing, and packaging solutions. Enjoy rigorous quality assurance and reliable, timely delivery for your private label products.