Malak Saad Minerals supplies high-grade talc to global markets with an unwavering commitment to quality. We prioritize environmentally friendly production practices and source feedstock from Afghanistan and Pakistan. 


Talc is hydrated magnesium silicate or talcum, a clay mineral composed of hydrated magnesium silicate, with the chemical formula Mg 3Si 4O 10(OH) 2. It’s often found in a fine, powdery form. Due to its unique properties, talc is widely used in various industries, including cosmetics, personal care products, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and more, primarily for its ability to absorb moisture, provide a smooth texture, and act as a lubricant.


Uses of Talc

Talcum powder is a versatile ingredient extensively utilized in the cosmetics industry, renowned for its absorbent and smoothing properties. It effectively prevents moisture buildup and caking in beauty products, ensuring a matte finish and controlling shine. Its versatility extends to enhancing texture, providing a luxurious feel in cosmetic formulations. As an anti-caking agent, talc ensures the even dispersion of powdered cosmetics, such as eyeshadows and face powders, for flawless application onto the skin.

Moreover, talc plays a crucial role in improving product adherence to the skin while absorbing moisture and reducing friction. This characteristic not only keeps the skin dry but also helps in preventing rashes, making it a valuable component in skincare and personal care products. Overall, talcum powder stands as a fundamental ingredient in cosmetics, offering multifaceted benefits that contribute to the effectiveness and quality of various beauty formulations.

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