Himalayan Pink Salt

Our Himalayan salt is hand-mined from one of the world’s oldest salt mines, making it the purest edible salt. Packed with 84 essential trace minerals for your well-being, it’s a natural choice for optimal health

Malak Saad Minerals

Edible Salt

Experience the pure, natural essence of the Himalayas with our edible Himalayan pink salt, harvested from the unpolluted foothills of the Himalayan Mountain ranges. This unprocessed salt contains up to 84 essential trace minerals and elements that support overall health by balancing the body’s pH levels, providing necessary minerals, stabilizing blood pressure, and enhancing hydration. Unlike conventional table salt, which can contain harmful additives, our Himalayan crystal salt is free from environmental pollutants and anti-caking agents, making it a superior and healthier choice for daily consumption.

malak salt
pink salt

Crafted with Passion and Dedication

himalayan pink salt

Light Pink Salt

Size: 20-50 Mesh

himalayan pink salt

Light Pink Salt

Size: 1 – 2 mm

himalayan pink salt

Light Pink Salt

Size: 2 – 5 mm

himalayan pink salt

Dark Pink Salt

Size: 20-50 Mesh

himalayan pink salt

Dark Pink Salt

Size: 1 – 2 mm

himalayan pink salt

Dark Pink Salt

Size: 2 – 5 mm

Nutrition Fact

Serving Size: 1g

Calories: 0kcal

Total Fat: 0g (0%)

Cholesterol: 0mg (0%)

Total Carbohydrates: 0g

Protein: 0g (0%)

Sodium: 420mg (18%)

Why Malak Pink Salt

Pure Origin

Mined from the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan, Malak Pink Salt is 100% natural and organic.

Mineral-rich Goodness

Packed with 84+ trace minerals, it enhances flavor and offers health benefits.

Certified Quality

Halal, non-GMO, and SGS certified for purity and quality.

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Impurity-Free Assurance

Supports overall well-being with vital minerals.


Convenient Packaging

Sealed in a zip-lock bag for freshness and easy use.


Best Cooking Salt

Preferred by chefs and home cooks for its exceptional taste.

What is Pink Salt?

Pink salt, often known as Himalayan Pink Salt, is a natural, unrefined salt sourced from the Himalayan Mountains. Its distinctive pink hue is derived from trace minerals, making it a unique and popular choice in both culinary and health-conscious circles.

What is the Difference between Pink Salt and Regular Salt?

Pink salt, like Himalayan salt, differs from regular table salt due to its pink color, indicative of trace mineral content. While serving as a sodium sources, pink salt is favored for its nuanced flavor profile and perceived health benefits.

Is Pink Salt Good for You?

Pink salt, such as Himalayan salt, is considered a healthier option by some due to its trace mineral content. While offering some minerals, its health benefits may be modest, emphasizing the importance of moderation in overall salt intake for a balanced diet.

Is Pink Salt Only Found in Pakistan?

Himalayan Pink salt primarily originates from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan’s Jhelum District. Despite its name, the mine is located in the Salt Range foothills, extending across the entire province of Punjab. The distinctive qualities of Himalayan Pink salt are a result of the unique geological composition in this region.

Is Pink Salt Good for Your Skin?

Himalayan pink salt is known for its skin-friendly properties, including impurity absorption, pH balance maintenance, moisturizing for dry skin, and inflammation reduction. As a natural skincare ally, it provides a holistic approach to enhance skin health and radiance.

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